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The Secretariat is headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The current Executive Secretary is Mr. Suliman ALJABRIN from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • Executive Secretary


    Mr. Suliman ALJABRIN

    Executive Secretary

    H.E. Mr. Suliman ALJABRIN is a banking regulator with over 15 years of experience in banking supervision and regulation. Prior to starting his role as Executive Secretary of MENAFATF on 1st January 2021, he was the Director of Banking Policy Department at the Saudi Central Bank, responsible for formulating and implementing effective prudential, conduct, and AML/CFT rules and regulations in the Saudi banking sector.

    Mr. ALJABRIN has extensive international experience, as he has previously worked at the International Monetary Fund, providing policy analysis, technical advice to national regulatory and supervisory agencies on the design and implementation of financial supervision and regulation policies and related institutional frameworks. He has also been a member of various high-level groups in different standard setting bodies such as the Financial Stability Board, and Basel Committee for Banking Supervision; lastly being a member of the Policy Development Group at the Basel Committee for Banking Supervision.

    Mr. ALJABRIN obtained his Bachelor of Administrative Sciences majoring in Economics from King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, and holds an MBA degree from the School of Business at the University of Kansas. He is also a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS).