Job Announcment

Job Announcement for the position of Senior Officer in the Mutual Evaluation and Follow-Up Department*.

  1. Job Description:

Work within the MENAFATF's Secretariat team in planning and implementing the processes of evaluating the member countries’ compliance with international standards in relation to Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (“AML/CFT”) and follow-up with such evaluations by addressing the deficiencies therein, providing technical, administrative assistance and advice where necessary, and participating in the development of AML/CFT policies and procedures.

  1. Job Duties:

Assist the executive officer of the Mutual Evaluation and Follow-Up Department in the following tasks:

  • Prepare an action plan for the Mutual Evaluation and Follow-Up.
  • Evaluate the extent of member countries’ compliance with international standards for AML/CFT.
  • Provide MENAFATF’s members with the procedures during the conduct of Mutual Evaluation and Follow-Up processes.
  • Contribute to the following when conducting Mutual Evaluation processes for member countries:
  • Design the Mutual Evaluation Schedule/Table for member countries.
  • Form the Mutual Evaluation or Review working groups for the countries subject to Evaluation or Follow-Up.
  • Contribute to the preparation of the Technical Compliance Annex, the paper for identifying the areas of evaluation and circulating the international cooperation questionnaire, as well as the analysis related to Effectiveness in accordance with FATF methodology.
  • Preparing the onsite visit and its program in coordination with the country subject to evaluation and the assessment team.
  • Contribute, in coordination with the assessment team, to preparing the Mutual Evaluation Report (“MER”) based on the information provided by the country subject to the Mutual Evaluation process, as well as the main conclusions reached out to by the Evaluation Team during the onsite visit.
  • Coordinate meetings with officials from relevant government bodies regarding the onsite visits, as well as meetings hosting representatives from the financial sector and government bodies.
  • Prepare face-to-face meetings between the assessment team and the country subject to evaluation.
  • Provide MENAFATF members with the necessary procedures and instructions during the Follow-Up processes.
  • Contribute to preparing reports that do not include a request for re-assessment of the Technical Compliance ratings.
  • Contribute to the following, with regards to the Follow-Up processes that include a request for re-assessment of the Technical Compliance ratings:
  • Select the expert or experts’ reviewers according to the reports.
  • Provide technical assistance to the country subject to Follow-Up, the expert reviewer, and the secretariat team, especially in terms of interpreting international standards.
  • Re-assess the recommendations that were modified after the onsite visit.
  • Prepare a Recommendation Analysis Matrix.
  • Prepare the Secretarial Report based on what was reached out to in the Analysis Tool (Matrix).
  • Take all quality and consistency measures and circulate the Report on the international network and publish it after having met all requirements contained in the MENAFATF procedures.
  • Effective work with the MENAFATF’s Policy Development and Quality Assurance Department to bring MERs and Follow-Up Reports (“FURs”) to high levels of quality and consistency.
  • Participate in organizing the Plenary Meeting and the relevant working groups’ Meetings.
  • Organize, draft, edit and revise meeting documents including the draft meeting agenda.
  • Ensure appropriate communication between members and heads of relevant working groups.
  • Coordinate Assessors workshops.
  • Contribute to the follow-up with the FATF and assist it in reviewing the 40 Recommendations and the Special Recommendations through:
  • Provide working groups’ recommendations and reports.
  • Provide other contributions to FATF on behalf of the MENAFATF.
  • Assist and encourage MENAFATF's members to participate directly in the FATF.
  • Contribute to the follow-up and preparation of the Annual Report on the progress made by the members who have been evaluated during the past years.
  • Cooperate with the Secretariat's working group in carrying out its tasks in a manner that guarantees MENAFATF’s best interests and harmony.
  • Represent the Secretariat in meetings and workshops when needed.
  • Act on behalf of the Executive Officer of the Mutual Evaluation and Follow-Up Department when needed.
  • Any other tasks assigned thereto by the Executive Officer or the Executive Secretary.
  1. Conditions, Qualifications, and skills required:
  • To hold the nationality of one of MENAFATF’s member countries.
  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in an equivalent major issued by an internationally recognized university.
  • At least five years of field experience in AML/CFT, preferably in the government sector (Financial Intelligence Units (“FIUs”), the Central Bank, Law Enforcement Authorities (“LEAs”) ...).
  • Research and analysis skills, knowledge and understanding of international standards on AML/CFT issued in 2012, and the methodology for assessing countries’ compliance with those standards issued in 2013, as well as any later updates occurred thereto.
  • Full mastery of the Arabic language, proficiency in speaking and writing English (knowledge and mastery of the French language is preferred).
  • The ability to build effective communication with the widest group of contacts, and to work efficiently and effectively.
  • Strong writing skills and having the effective ability to work on various tasks while paying special attention to details, as well as the ability to plan the required tasks and follow up on implementation thereof.
  • Independence in work and behavior without the need for the daily directives of the Executive Officer to achieve the desired goals, at least, to the minimum.
  • The ability to collaborate, coordinate and communicate effectively with employees of all levels to maximize performance, innovation, problem-solving and results.
  • Broad knowledge of computer skills with experience in computer applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations.
  • It is preferable to have experience in evaluating countries’ compliance with AML/CFT international standards, by having worked as assessor, reviewer, or a key member of the national team of the candidate’s country that has previously undergone the evaluation process.

Applications are sent attached with curriculum vitae of the candidate to the MENAFATF on:


It has been recently noticed that the name of MENAFATF or persons related to the MENAFATF are being used for fraudulent purposes; some people are asked, allegedly by MENAFATF, to pay fees for fictitious services relating to the verification of the origin of funds they wish to transfer. They are told that if the customer fails to pay such fees, the funds will be frozen. In fact, MENAFATF does not provide any such services, nor does it request fees or have by any means the capacity to freeze any funds or accounts. In addition, any approach using the name of MENAFATF in relation to de-freezing funds or payment of fees is a fraud and should be immediately reported to the local competent authorities.